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A super platform providing the service of finding, buying, leasing, and building of properties for anyone. Flexible payment plans, and instant results! Choose a pre-built plan, service or create a custom request that perfectly suits your needs.



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High grade level of security for your protecion.

  • Request API Integration
  • Compliance with merchants
  • Affordable for anyone.

Integrated Global Payments and Channels

Services de paiement sont disponibles via des applications mobiles et de bureau.

  • Custom price details
  • Choose payment currency
  • Recurring membership payments

Real-time credit score analysis.

Analyze your mortage payment and stay on track.

  • Virtual tour
  • Advanced calculation
  • Tax inclusion

The leading real estate service.

Stacrent is extremely versatile and allows you to take control of every aspect of real estate.

  • Custom booking form
  • Booking per-hour
  • Unlimited custom search fields

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Versatile and Agile.

Bring your dream home to life with an intuitive real estate platform. Sell, buy and customize your real estate needs to experience premium solution with best rates.

Radius search and geolocations

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Integrated payments
and checks.

Use global payment services and gateways to earn returns from your listings.

We have solved the challenges large affecting the number of possibilities for our clients.

Secure and

Let users check-out and pay as soon as they decide on a booking by enabling Instant Check-out.

The ability for our agency to large to allows pay per request, makes us more productive on customers.

Instant booking & Analysis.

Instant booking option is a specific checkbox available for each listing.

Allows users to send booking requests if the selected period is open, without owner approval being required.

Ease of Use.

Bring your ideas to life with an intuitive visual editor. Create, edit, and customize your website visually and see the changes instantly. No coding required!

Send & confirm booking requests without deposit

Deposit fee to agent

Instant checkout

Real-time credit scoreanalysis.

Stacarent helps you to calculate your credit and mortgage to enable full understanding of the full pricing related to an property or listing.

The process — Behind the scenes.

Start by signing up to any of Stacrent services.

Verify your account and confirm your registration.

Search for apartment and properties within and outside your locale.

Make full or half deposit, get your invoice and move in!


We use customer data to build great and solid product experiences shaping real estate.


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Stacrent is a super real estate service platform providing the service of finding, buying, leasing, and building of properties for anyone.

The absolute first step for your client is to get approved for a mortgage. Without being approved for a mortgage it will be quite difficult, if not impossible, to purchase a new home. If a potential client reaches out to you, have them go through the tenant screening process and then guide them to a reputable mortgage corporation and advisor that you trust.

Yes, either order a home inspection for your client or have them order one. A home inspection is one of the most vital steps when purchasing a property. A professional inspector has a keen eye for how well the house has been taken care of. The inspectors can comment on structural and cosmetic issues, along with any local code issues. Moreover, a home inspector will help you better determine the home’s value.

A mortgage is a type of loan to finance a property. The majority of people are not wealthy enough to purchase a house in total. Thus, a mortgage serves as a secure loan that comes with a fixed interest rate and gets paid off over 15 or 30 years. If need be, your client can refinance their mortgage and payments in the future.

The list-to-price ratio is the difference between what the house was listed as and actually sold for. It is a good idea to keep a quickly accessible log of your previous listings and their list-to-price ratio. A strong list-to-price ratio often depends on the market and location, but you ideally want to be above 90%. Ironically, you do not want to be well over a 100% ratio — being this high over usually signifies an underpricing of homes to pad the ratio.

We make up to 7.5% commission on each successful transaction made.

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